Why I Became A Chiropractor

Hi, I’m Doctor Toby

I’m a new chiropractor at the Abington office for Chiropractic First.

I’m super excited to join the team and get started and roll over there.

So this is just a little bit about why I became a chiropractor.

So as a younger kid in high school, I knew that I had the heart to help people and to go into some sort of a healthcare field.

When I first saw a chiropractor, it just made sense to me.

It was described to me how, when you have a subluxation, the lights are dimmed in your body and the nervous system.

And then, when you get in a chiropractic adjustment, the lights turn back on and allow the nervous system to function the way it’s meant to and allow your body to heal on its own.

So again, I’m Doctor Toby, and I’ll be seeing you at the office in Abington with Chiropractic First.