What Are Functional Lab Tests?

Chiropractic Abingdon VA Functional Lab Tests

As the word may suggest, functional lab tests are used in Abingdon VA and North Tazewell VA to contribute to the development or maintenance of the body as a whole. Many doctors do conventional lab tests usually in response to a complaint or an illness that has shown itself in examination. This conventional type of lab testing is specific to one issue and doesn’t address the other factors that may be playing a part in that issue and it is typically addressed with prescription medication. That is NOT what we do with Functional lab testing.

Another method of getting lab work is a “do it yourself” method, where you can have the tests sent off yourself after some research and then go to a nutrition store and get supplements that you think you could use with what your lab results said. This is also NOT what we do with Functional lab testing. Why? Because this solution isn’t working. There is something missing.

So, what is missing in these two scenarios? Functional interpretation. Doing a full panel of lab tests and then having a team of professionals examine your lab values, including the values that are declared in the large range of “normal”, can help you to get your lab values in the narrow range of “optimal.” Every system that is checked with a lab marker will affect another in the body. Even two seemingly unrelated things could have a huge effect on each other in the vast system that is the human body. For example, if your cortisol is high, it could be indicative of instability in blood sugar. Is your thyroid out of balance? It could be an effect of your birth control. If your homocysteine levels are high, are you getting proper absorption of the B vitamins from your digestive system?

At Chiropractic First, for every one of our clients interested in our holistic, functional medicine approach, we run a 70-biomarker lab panel. Our team does a thorough review of your health history, medication use, and current supplementation program to assess the effectiveness of the current approach and make recommendations for improvement.

Optimal function is our goal for every one of our patients but that will look different for every patient. In order to get your biomarkers balanced and positively impacting every aspect of your physiology, we will suggest lifestyle modification, offer recommendations on diet and eating style to best improve YOUR health status, and supplements to address your deficiencies. If the labs present findings that should be taken care of by a different specialist, this will be addressed and you will be referred out to the appropriate physician. This is what makes labs at Chiropractic First more valuable and drastically different than the labs that you will get anywhere else.

How are functional lab tests performed?

Chiropractic First strives to make your health journey as simple as possible. You will fill out the paperwork and pay for the package at our office. We will then give you the requisition for blood draw to be done at any LabCorp testing center in your area. You will get instructions before the draw including a 12hr fast previous to testing. Once the results are back, our functional team will read and interpret those results, come up with customized recommendations to optimize blood chemistry, and address lab values that are out of healthy range. You will follow up with a member of our team to review those recommendations and get set up with the appropriate supplements and dietary recommendations or services to reach your goals.


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