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This past week we had our monthly health event at the office. It was on the topic of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. I don’t like using the term diet because I feel like people interpret it as something that has a start and an end, rather than lasting change. I’m not going to go into all the details about eating this way right now, that is what the monthly health events are for, but I will tell you that it is a great way of eating because it is based on how our body should be using energy the majority of the time. There are also many options and ways to do it so it can work for many different people. Fasting is another very important aspect to our health that is often overlooked. Losing weight is what most people want to do. When we lose weight it make us feel better and it’s always great to achieve a goal. We usually don’t think of it from an overall health point of view though. Losing weight is good, but what about all the great health benefits we don’t feel, such as reducing the risk of diabetes or heart disease. Chiropractic in Abingdon and North Tazewell can actually help you lose weight. That is of course not the goal, but because it helps your body function better, it allows all the other healthy lifestyle changes work better. I have had cases where there was a more direct change. I have had 2 cases recently that leg swelling reduce drastically. When the nervous system functions better the body can heal itself. Their body’s no longer had a need to accumulate fluid and lost around 5lbs just because if that!

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Like I have mentioned before on many of these blogs, there are many aspects of health such as nutrition and exercise. We all know that if you don’t keep up with exercise or nutrition you will only get temporary results. Once again why I don’t like the term diet. The key here is to make a permanent lifestyle change. Health doesn’t just last another week or month, but for the rest of your life. That is part of our mission statement here at the office, and we want to be a part in helping you with that journey. Bringing you the newest information with the monthly health group is one way we do this. The other is of course through the specific neurologic adjustments we do here. As I have also said before, your nervous system is the master control system of your body. You can only function as good as it is functioning. All the nutrition in the world can only help you as much as your nervous system can coordinate the digestion, absorption and assimilation process. All the exercise in the world can only work as well as your nervous system is controlling the muscles that then control the movements you are doing. When making changes to your lifestyle start small and continue to add to it. Don’t work yourself up about a big diet change or exercise program, this will only cause a mental block and make you less likely to achieve your goals. I understand it can be challenging to make the time to exercise or to prepare healthy food. This is where the small steps come in. I would encourage you to start with having your nervous system checked. Like I said, it is the master control system, making it the real core of where health comes from. The good thing is that if you do need adjustments, they are not time consuming and make a huge change in your health. It could be the easy change you add to make your health better. No matter what you choose, keep the principle of LODI in mind. That stands for the Law of Diminishing Intentions. This means the longer it takes for you to do something the more likely you are not to do it. I encourage you to take another step at improving something in your life and I would love to help you with it!

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