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This past Saturday was the Iron Mountain Meltdown Crossfit competition at Iron Mountain Crossfit here in Abingdon. It was amazing to see all the hard work put into this event. Not just the effort the competitors put into preparing to be in shape for the weights lifted and times set, but for the coordination it took to organize it all. Each workout had to be prepared so the weights were set and the areas of the gym they were taking place were laid out. There had to be judges at each workout station to record the weight lifted and times. There were vendors that each had an area outside. Parking had to be accounted for since there were around 120 competitors! Over the past couple months this all had to be advertised to reach all of the competitors and vendors that showed up. This all was for a great cause, to support our local Habitat for Humanity. All in all that day we raised over $7,000 for them!

I had the opportunity to meet so many people there and share with them the message of chiropractic and how it is important to have a properly functioning nervous system, especially if you are an athlete. It felt good to have so many people coming up to me asking for advice, and that they knew I could help them with different problems they were having. It is amazing to see the problems resolve once the nervous system is functioning better, it just never seems to get old.

There is something to say about a little hard work and the old saying “elbow grease”. Well there was no shortage of that on Saturday. Everyone there knew they had to work hard to prepare for that event, whether it be the physical training portion, diet, strategy of the best way to perform the workout. I know that if our general population felt the same about their health as an athlete about their training, we would have a much more healthy society. Practice makes perfect right? If you go out to play golf, everyone knows practicing your swing makes it better. No one would believe that a medicine could be made to manipulate you into having a perfect golf swing. Even if we took your genes and replaced them with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, you wouldn’t look like him if you just sat on the couch watching TV eating potato chips. So why do we believe this about our health? We are being sold on a false cure and hope that we don’t have to put in any work to be healthy. Our bodies work the way they were designed, with the nervous system as the master control system. There are many rules we must follow, the basics being we need to breathe oxygen first, drink water second, and eat food that gives us the nutrients to sustain us. Since the nervous system controls everything, it makes sense that after these basic functions we should be putting more time and effort into taking care of it. Maybe we can create a medicine so that we don’t have to breathe, drink or eat anymore!

Chiropractic in Abingdon and Richlands goes far beyond your back. It could be one of the most important additions to improving your health. If you have been a practice member with us before I would love to help you again. Maybe you have fallen off the health wagon since new years resolution season and could use a boost. If you are currently with us, maybe you know someone who you think could have the results just like you are seeing. Please tell them, after all someone told you about chiropractic. Please share these emails as well, lets not keep it a secret!

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