Neck Stretches For Sore And Stiff Necks

I've Been Getting A Lot Of Questions About Stretches For The Neck

So if you ever deal with any kind of neck pain, neck stiffness, especially at the end of the day, this would be a really good stretch.

So let's say you want to stretch the left side of your neck.

So what you do is you take your left arm, reach behind your back, so in the small of your back, and then take your right hand and reach back and grab your left hand.

And you're going to pull with your right arm, pulling your left arm.

Lean your head to your right, and you'll feel a really good stretch right there on the left side of your neck.

Now, if you're dealing with a lot of stiffness and you can't quite get your head over far enough, you can take your right hand and reach over and pull your head.

And that is a very good stretch.

You can do that for both sides, or if you only need it for one side, then you can just use it for one side.

Both sides work great too.