What Do Babies and Adults have in Common?

What do Babies and Adults have in Common?

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Babies do not seem like they have a lot going on, besides what every adult wishes they could do all day, eat and sleep. But if we take a closer look, we know the first year on a baby’s life is crucial for development. As a matter of fact every year is very import for us, from developing in our mother’s womb even up into our early 20’s. Each year has its unique part in development, but this first year after a baby is born is one of the most important, if not the most. This is the transition from developing without contact to the world, to now being exposed to it. There are many changes the baby needs to go through in order to adapt to this new world. The immune system is starting to learn how to fight off germs, and the baby is also learning how to move and become more coordinated. The nervous system is responsible for all of these changes is the. The nervous system is the first system to develop and is the coordinator of all other systems and cell growth.1Most people consider the heartbeat to be an indicator of life. The heart is already developing by the 3rd week of pregnancy, and most women do not even know they are pregnant this early. 2  The nervous system is the immediate spark of life at conception and this is when life starts.


If the nervous system is in control of development, the question should then be, how can I make sure it is functioning properly. There are many reflexes that can be tested on babies that show nervous system function. A reflex is the nervous system reacting to a stimulus. When babies are born they have certain reflexes that are lost over time, and others that are developed due to learning how to live and function in this new world. We can then test these reflexes to see how well the baby is developing.

Back to Basics

I think we can agree that walking is a very important part of our lives. The nervous system controls walking and it actually goes way back to when you were a baby. There is a saying “you have to crawl before you can walk”, and this is literally true. If you do not develop your cross crawl pattern as a child this will lead to many developmental problems in the future. This pattern is the same pattern we as adults use to walk. Certain muscles must be functioning on each side of the body at the right amounts at the right time in order for this to be a smooth transition and for our joints to move stress free. There are many patterns and reflexes I check, but this is a very important part of our lives, from baby to adult. This is why I use it as a part of my practice, and teach it as well. We have a new event coming up about neurodevelopmental problems in children. Let me help you make sure your children grow up strong, and help you get back on the right path as well!

Stay tuned for our event updates! Our new neurodevelopmental presentation is coming up on February 22nd. If you are not on our Facebook page yet please check it out, search Chiropractic First!

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