A Mother’s Intuition

This Is A Special Message For The Moms Out There

I’ve been seeing this for 20 years, but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a ton of it, and that’s momma’s intuition.

So Mom, when you get that feeling in your gut, and you get that feeling in your heart about something with one of your kids, go with it, don’t ignore it.

In this week alone, we’ve had three mommas bring their kids in with some very significant health curiosities about what they thought might be going on, and all three moms were dead on.

So dads, support the moms, docs, listened to moms.

I tell you one of the most important parts of any interaction with any new practice or potential practice members listening to them intently because we can get a lot of what could be wrong by just listening to you.

So Mommas, listen to your gut, listen to your heart because almost always it’s right.