Is Cracking Myself The Same Thing?

Here’s Why You Should Never Manipulate Your Spine

You’ll have bones in your spine that are moving too much.

And those are the ones when you’ve tried to do it yourself, those are the ones you’re moving.

Those bones are already moving too much because there’s typically a joint in there that isn’t moving right.

But you can’t make that one move when you do these types of adjustments on your own, you’re moving the ones that already move too much.

So you still get that temporary relief.

And after you do that, within an hour or so, probably not even that long, what begins to return?

All that pressure and tension, then you feel like you have to do what?

Pop it.

Again and again.

Do you think all that popping is good for your spine, the joints that don’t need it and are already moving too much?


What should you do instead?

Come see a chiropractor!