Back on the Wagon

Back on the Wagon

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I hope the holidays have left everyone rested, and ready to have a great 2018. I know that rest over the holiday’s sounds easier than it is, but I hope you didn’t fall too far off the wagon. When I say wagon I am referring to living a healthy lifestyle. We all know that eating healthy and exercising are two great things we can all do to improve our health. The holiday season is the time of year where we traditionally throw away the rules and start consuming things that we normally would never eat or drink. We are visiting friends and family and spend little time moving around, not to mention it is also very cold this time of year. There are also many sports going on which means more party food and more sitting. Of course I want you to have a good time over the holidays, I did myself, but sometimes it is hard to pick up where you left off before the holidays and get back on the wagon. I have to admit, I over did it a little bit. There was one weekend that we had a bunch of Christmas parties and lets just say I didn’t stick to my normal diet. That’s right, even I have a good time once in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t pay for it. For those of you who read my last article “Stress Season” you know what I’m talking about. I ended up feeling pretty run down and had minor symptoms of a cold. Since I started getting adjusted and learned about the chiropractic lifestyle 6 years ago I rarely get sick anymore, only a little run down for a couple days and then I am back to normal. I have not taken a prescription medicine since 2012.

Even though the holidays are over, the effects are usually still seen long after. The post holiday season is the time of year where we see more people being stricken with the common cold, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia or other illnesses. Why, because the behaviors of overeating, staying up late, drinking alcohol, consuming lots of sugar, and inactivity all produce a weakened immune system. Germs such as viruses and bacteria are opportunistic. They are always present waiting for a chance to breed and multiply. They just need the right host to have their own holiday celebration.

You don’t have to be the holiday host to these microorganisms that love to keep you feeling lousy. It begins with something called self-control, and it is strengthened by having a goal that is worth pursuing. If you go after the goal of pursuing better health for you and your family like people go after a flat screen TV on black Friday you are sure to get it. We say with our lips that our most valuable possession is our health, yet our actions say something totally different. If you really believe that your health is your most valuable possession then don’t you think it is time to start behaving like it is? What health encouraging gifts did you give this holiday season? What health promoting activities did you engage in this holiday season?

It is never too late to start new and set goals for this year. Get back on the wagon of better health by eating, moving, thinking well and getting adjusted in Abingdon and North Tazewell. Just don’t be the one who pays for a year gym membership and never goes!


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