New Year New Paradigm

New Year New Paradigm

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Here we are again right at the start of new years resolution season. This is the number one time of the year for people to start something or stop something. I think most people really do try and have good intentions to make their lives better. It is also the time of year where we will be overloaded with advice and information from all different sources. There are so many gym memberships, vitamins and diet plans sold, and they can be very good for you and your life when applied properly. Creating new healthy habits is always a good thing.

It seems that there is always new information coming out on the topics you have already been studying, plus there is usually something new you may want to learn. This is the case for myself. When I think I have become knowledgeable in one area, new research comes out and it seems like you have to learn all over again. This is a good thing because we should always be making things better and better as science progresses. The problem is this usually leads to information overload. Just look at technology over the past 10 years and how much it has progressed. It is very hard to keep up with it all, and then try to apply what you have learned in a meaningful way.

We went to a holiday party not too long ago and ended up talking to someone who said they have headaches. The said they have had them forever and have tried everything possible to help them and nothing works. They were also seeing a so-called specialist that was trying to get them on a new treatment that was very expensive and they were waiting for their insurance to approve it. Another person said to try changing their diet by removing certain foods. They responded they tried that and it didn’t work. These conversations come up a lot with me and are difficult for me to hear because I know they are suffering, frustrated and in a state of despair. They are not expecting a stranger at a party to solve their life long problem, nor are they usually in a frame of mind to learn something new and different, because they think they have tried everything.

There is a flaw with the New Year “get your life in better shape” thing going on. It is treating the symptoms of the problems without understanding the cause. For example, I am doing a presentation on gait pattern at our local cross fit gym at the end of the month. If someone is out of gait pattern this will put extra stress on every joint of the body from the feet up. It makes sense that this could be the cause of many aches and pains in the body such as low back pain. The first thing that comes to our heads when we have back pain usually isn’t, “I wonder if I am out of gait pattern”. If your low back has been getting worse over the years and is degenerating, ice, heat, and surgery will not correct improper gait pattern, they are just treating the symptom.

Experts are only experts in their specific area they are focusing on. It is good to consult experts, but it can also be very limiting. It can create a certain type of tunnel vision. Someone may be an expert in pesticides and uses patented chemicals, but they may not know about the harmful effects of them. I don’t want chemicals in my food. Why, because based upon my philosophy my body is intelligent by design it works better without chemicals.

My philosophy also tells me that if I am expressing a symptom, the symptom is not the problem, it is my body telling me that I have not been living in the way with that my body requires. Ignoring these truths for a false paradigm and randomly seeking remedies has ruled the day for far too long. Find the flaws in your paradigm and fundamentals and seek out knowledge to help you get on the correct path.


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