Preparing for Holiday Hazards

Preparing for Holiday Hazards

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I remember watching the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” It was funny, but as I grew up I realized that aside from being funny, it was a huge hit because it was real. People identified with it. No, most of us don’t—get caught under eighteen wheelers in our cars, have a brother-in-law who sets off sewer explosions, or take down our city’s electrical grids due to our holiday light displays. But we do undergo the stress, accidents, and tension that go along with the six-week celebrations. Emergency room visits increase during the season. Before the holidays begin acquaint yourself with possible hazards to protect yourself.

Picking up boxes of decorations can tax backs and shoulders for those who are unaccustomed to regular exercise. Store your decorations in smaller boxes that are within your normal range of motion. The big plastic bins that box stores sell are convenient, but their dimensions are too big for many people to handle without stressing muscles.

Exterior house decorating accounts for many accidents especially falls off ladders. Make sure your ladder’s four feet are level and grounded before you step up. Don’t go past the recommended upper step, which most manufacturers’ label. Ask someone to stand against the bottom of the ladder to secure it if you prop it against the house.

  • Always sled feet first to minimize impacts to the neck and spine
  • Don’t sled near obstacles such as trees, fences, or rocks
  • Don’t sled near traffic or near to bodies of water, frozen or not, or more likely partially frozen.

Traveling to visit family is inevitable during the holidays. Increased traffic and bad weather are causes, but excessive drinking is also a factor. Sleep deprivation is another. Increased stress, environments outside of our norm, late-night parties, work deadlines, and shopping fatigue interfere with our normal sleep patterns, which are detrimental to safe driving. Buckle up, avoid driving in the early a.m. hours, limit your alcohol consumption, and get some sleep.

If you want to get a head start at dealing with the stress of the holidays come see us! Chiropractic in Abingdon and Richlands helps improve the function of your body and boosts your immune system. If you do incur an injury, or are just feeling run down, get checked out. Our adjustments are just what you need to get back into shape to enjoy your holidays.


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