Stress Season

Stress Season

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As we know there are many changes that happen during this season that our body is not used to. The weather has changed, we are decorating which means lifting things and climbing ladders, shoveling snow, getting less sleep, and don’t forget about the diet change. On top of these changes you may also be experiencing another form of stress, such as something personal or work related. Eating more sugar and processed foods combined with less daylight, which means less vitamin D, along with less exercise makes for a stressed body. When our body is stressed it puts strain on our nervous system, which coordinates the trillions of messages needed to optimally run your body. The nervous system goes into overdrive trying to deal with these added stressors, and when it cannot overcome them we lose function to different parts and systems of our body. We may start feeling symptoms such as aches and pains, chills, decreased cognitive function, fatigue and are susceptible to illness such s the flu. The nervous system controls the other systems such as immune system, and when the nervous system cannot send the messages correctly because it is overwhelmed, the other systems cannot function properly. So the flu season isn’t a season at all. It is because we are all now susceptible to the germs due to the stress we are under. This goes with any sickness any time of year as well. The germs that make us sick are opportunists. We come in contact with millions of germs every day, so why are we not sick every single day. When our body’s defenses are down, due to all the different stressors, this gives the germs the opportunity to move in and make your body their home. The mosquito does not make the stagnant water does it?

When you are healthy and your body is working optimally, it is fighting off germs and you do not even know it. The reason you don’t know it is because you do not have symptoms. Lack of symptoms does not mean the germs are not there. Your body is constantly improving it defenses and learning from the environment for the next time it comes in contact with the germs. Symptoms are not the sickness; they are your body’s way of trying to fight off the germs that have now made your body their home. The symptoms your body produces take a lot of energy; this is why we are tired and need to sleep.

We live in a society that wants a quick fix. If we feel sick for more than 2 days we usually get something to reduce symptoms. But remember, symptoms are your body’s way of fighting the germs. If you take away the symptoms you may feel better, but in the long run you are actually making your body weaker. Antibiotics do not allow your body to go through the natural fight that it needs to learn and become stronger for the next time you get sick. A fever and runny nose are ways your body fights germs. The more your body is allowed to fight, it becomes stronger and there are less “next times” because your body can now easily defeat the new intruders!

Our bodies are designed intricately and complex with many systems for defense and optimal function. We were not designed to be weak and sick. Lets start living the way we were designed and allow our bodies natural functions to take over. Instead of trying to take away sickness and disease, start adding health. Chiropractic in Abingdon and Richlands works with how your body was designed and elevates your health so you can heal, function and fight off sickness.

Tea 101 Class

We will be holding a new class here at our office this December 13th at 6:00pm. Come learn about the health benefits of tea, (no not sweet tea!).

See the flyer below for more details and don’t forget to RSVP to reserve your seat, 276-525-1777.


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