The Prefrontal Cortex is Important for Momma and Baby

Babies Who Are Born To Mommas Who Are Under A Lot Of Stress

Like the stress that we have now in our society, it’s important we take care of our mommas because that stress is perceived by the baby. Not only can it cause postpartum depression in momma after the baby when she has that stress, but it also can affect the baby because it affects the development of the prefrontal cortex, which continues in development and heightens its continuation of the part of the brain of the prefrontal cortex that makes us human at about two weeks.

When you’re holding that baby, and you’re talking with that baby, make sure that you’re not looking at your phone, whether you’re feeding or holding it. It’s the eye contact that develops or stimulates the prefrontal cortex, and it’s the cooing and talking to the baby that develops the prefrontal cortex.

Look at all the stuff that it’s responsible for. It’s the part that makes us a higher primate. Movement control, neuroendocrine control, hormone control so they have good balance in their hormones. It controls executive function, that’s the intelligence seed of the brain. Impulse control so that they don’t do things erratically.

The prefrontal cortex is very inhibitory for a lot of things. Think of things like addictions or compulsive disorders, the prefrontal cortex is the thing that inhibits those things from happening, even post-traumatic stress, pain processing, inflammation, the autonomic nervous system in both of these two things too, it’s inhibitory.

It inhibits the part of the autonomic nervous system that puts a child into fight-flight so the body can heal and grow the way it’s designed to. It almost also inhibits the immune system, so you don’t have an overreaction like allergies or an overreaction to your environment. The prefrontal cortex is very important for momma and baby. .