Babies Get Chiropractic Care?

Hey, Moms And Dads!

I'm super pumped to be joining the dad club soon. I can't wait for this coming June. Because of that, I'm looking for all the advice that I can get. But to do my part, I want to share some of my own advice.

Working in a chiropractic office, I see the most benefit from care with babies and kids even though they don't have back pain, and they're not walking in with a funky hip into the office. They see the most benefit from care because they've been in a subluxated state for the shortest amount of time, so they get quicker results.

For overall fussiness, colicky issues, chronic ear infections, digestive issues, growing pains, and injuries, all these things benefit from chiropractic care because chiropractic care aligns the brain to the body to communicate more effectively and keep everything healthy and functioning the way that it should.