This Helps Colic and Bowels for Babies

Here’s A Tip for Colicky, Constipated Babies.

Here’s a great thing that you can do. When babies are constipated, they’re colicky, they’re having stomach issues, put your finger on the belly button, go just about an inch to the right of the belly button, and down one or two fingers. You’re going to feel a little nodule there, like a little ball. You’re going to gently massage that for 30 to 60 seconds. That’s the valve between the small and large intestine.

Then you’re going to go up the right side, ascending colon, right under the ribs you’re going to come across, and that’s the transverse colon and then down. It’s very gentle. It’s like the pressure that you would use to check a ripe tomato.

It’s easy, and it can be very relaxing for them, and it gets those bowels moving. It’s a great tip to help baby when he or she is having tummy issues.